Rottweilers van het Falconsnest of Belgium

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Name : Falconsnest1970

ADRK-Mitgl.-Nr. 20005970


  Zwinger-Nr. HK11701941

Wiekstraat 188  3600
Genk, Belgium  
Tel : 089/308458
Fax : 089/308489
Cell:  0475/691183
ICQ : 125752895

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since August 1, 2001

Urko van het Falconsnest winning Strasbourg Wantzenau le championat de France 2002 with Julien and Judge Masson

Urko v.h. Falconsnest winning V1 in Champion Class, Best male, Best dog of the show, Best dog of the day atStrasbourg Wantzenau le championat de France 2002 (16/6/02)

Zilla v.h. Falconsnest winning V1 Open Class, best female and best of breed BOB at Exposition Régionale d'Elevage - Saint Rémy de Provence - Club Francais du Rottweiler!!. Here together with Julien, the judges Mme Seltz and M. Meyer (15/9/02)

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Julien with his falcon

Hello, I am Julien Vuylsteke.
Welcome to Falconsnest Rottweilers.

I bought my first Rottweiler in 1971 from Germany. I traveled a lot of times in Germany for my work where I saw some Rottweilers.  The breed made so much of an impression to me, especially as a dog without a tail, that I bought a puppy female not with the intention to breed or to go to the show. Later on, I began training and showing my dogs.


I learned a lot from the old German people because I liked to have the best of the best. By being selective in breeding, as well as being hard on myself,   I can  say, " I reached the top over fifteen years ago... "


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Trophies inside the Falconsnest kennel

I can proudly say, I bred the two-time World Champion '96 Budapest and '97 Puerto Rico Ragnar v.h. Falconsnest Ragnar v.h. Falconsnest

I am also proud to say, I bred and own the World Champion '99 Mexico Urko v.h. Falconsnest

World Champion Urko v.h. Falconsnest

I am also proud to say, I bred a World Young Champion male '97 Puerto Rico, Ursus v.h. Falconsnest, and a World Young Champion female '98 Finland, Vera v.h. Falconsnest.   ADRK Klub Show ' 98 Openklas dog I bred (a son of Konan), U-Day v.h. Falconsnest,  and in the meantime in the same Openklas, a second place winning son of Ragnar, Ulan v.h. Falconsnest.
U-day at German Show
I am also proud to be of  Vice World Champion ' 95 Brussels, 12 times titled,  Konan vom Hennekamp.   I  didn't speak over all the dogs I bred who win or placed in all the shows over all the globe.
Konan with his super trophies

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

" A well known breeder who looks for quality and not quantity."  

Here at Falconsnest Kennels we strive to improve the breed at costs which will never be recovered, so that other breeders may enjoy the same quality as we do.  Our target is to breed beautiful and intelligent dogs with good temperaments and  drive for work.  

 We  like to help breeders in other countries where it is not so easy to acquire good quality Rottweilers by sending prepotent stud dogs and brood bitches to make other breeders dream a reality.

Our dogs are always kept in the cleanest of environments at all times.  I pride myself in keeping all my dogs in the best health possible, as well as socializing my puppies for all situations.

A big part of what I do is showing over all Europe and training  my dogs for IPO or SchH, which keeps me very busy.

Ragnar - Mandy litter with Viviane
Viviane and son Kevin with puppies born May 6, 2001
for more photos, please visit our Photo Gallery

U-day v.h. Falconsnest, Nordisk Winner 2001 I am a current member of the Belgium Rottweiler Klub ( BRK - CBR ),  Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub ( ADRK ) in good standing.  

Please feel free to contact me at anytime and I will be happy to help you find just the right dog for you.

I would like to offer you an invitation to stop by for a visit. We have had visitors from all over the world.  I shall be happy to share my Rottweiler secrets.

U-day v.h. Falconsnest, Nordisk Winner 2001

Again, thank  you for stopping by -- I hope you enjoy my website.  Please be sure to check back again soon!  You can email me if ever you'd like more information.


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